I must admit that whenever rump is in trouble, my mood improves 😃

Fully caffeinated but it's still not masking the sleep deprivation

i'm actually thrilled! it's nearly 0900 here and my management hasn't given marching orders except to hang tight

tow more hours. i'm going party afterwards. and by party, i mean read a book until i sleep.

it's been 3 hours. only heard from one of the testers on something that he honestly should have brought up in private. the other, won't respond to my messages and isn't reporting anything. that means regression has begun! next stop: production deploy and i should be done. it'll give me a few hours rest before starting up again on monday.

i see the light at the end of this 7 day work week and it's not an on-coming train or one leading to pearly gates.

call in 4 hours to determine where we're at with the emergency deploy that has occupied all my time this weekend. i sure hope i don't have any more work to do and it's in the hands of the highly competent and capable testing team.

one of these days, i won't be working so much. i'll also probably be 6 feet under.

Currently considering to buy a vacuum robot, but would want some custom firmware on it .-.

Any recommendations? I'm also interested in breakage stories retarding custom firmware and alike

the question that the ramones asked is "do you remember rock n' roll radio?" i ask "do you remember dial up and if so why are you pining for it?"

i'll be here for a while. i may cut in and out because of work deployments and issues. however, i will be mostly available for an extended period today:


Governments shouldn’t be on there at all! It’s bad enough they use money makers like Facebook and Twitter already while forcing people to join such platforms or otherwise they miss out on stuff.

Somehow they do seems to be able to invest millions to spy on people (pay for spy software) but they cannot setup a simple newsplatform or social whatever, isn’t that a bit weird.

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just made rice + an egg + "shock and awe" chilli sauce. one could say the flavors and textures mixed well. i say they merged into a wonderful and mouth tingling experience.

Masterful Interactions wants YOU...to help us build interactive fictions. What's involved? Nothing really (unless you want to use English to build a game or many). We really just want help writing game design docs and helping us ideate things for game series like Buttered Toast. Drop me a line if you're interested.

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